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Posted by ADMIN July 20, 2021

Patent Drafting Services

Knowing about patent drafting services is very important. There are several jobs that require no experience and practice and can be accomplished by anyone while there are some tasks that need enormous training and detailed knowledge to perform. Patent drafting is one such job that demands years of experience and qualification. Not everyone can complete this task on their own. One who aspires to defend their invention or unique ideas should consult patent professionals for every step in order to get their invention patented successfully.

Patent drafting basically involves preparing a patent application which has all the detailed stipulations about the invention. It should be made accurately and precisely in order to avoid the chance of getting it rejected by the court.

Here are a few things that a patent application comprises

  • An abstract of the patent
  • One or more claims
  • Background data
  • Drawing and detailed description
  • Summary

Why does one require patent drafting services?

This is a process of building claims and patent descriptions. They act as a foundation for every patent application and explain the invention accurately and briefly. Although patent drafting service is a tedious and lengthy task, the risk of getting applications rejected diminishes. Following are few points stating the requirement of this:

  • No malformed application: Patent drafting is a fundamental and critical step. It can be done by an unprofessional as well but the probability of the approval of application and claims holds fewer chances as the tiniest mistake can make your application at fault. As per USPTO, only 20% of the issued patent applications were commercialized. This declares the need of hiring patent drafting professionals for patent drafts.
  • Precisely defined claims:  Seeking the guidance of patent drafting service is an exceptional assistant to inventors as it accommodates them to define and express their invention in a detailed manner and remove all passive voices. They use the correct expressions to manifest the ideas with less complication and make them perfect for approval by the jury.
  • Limited chance of patent rejection: A poorly written draft may bother or annoy the judges which can end up in patent rejection. To avoid such scenarios, taking the cooperation of professionals will be a wise and right choice.
  • Cost-effective:  An inadequately drafted application may attract litigations to amend the claim and language to receive undesired gains. This can be a high-priced error. Selecting an expert is less costly than this. It may seem to the applicant that taking the help of professionals is expensive but they are unaware of the benefits that they will reap in the future.
  • Complicated nature of drafting: It may appear an easy business to compose a patent application but it is not a piece of cake for everyone. The nature of the application is way more intricate than it seems. A professional with years of technical and legal knowledge can draft a patent application explicitly. Moreover, the contents of the application should be represented well. For instance, the scope of the patent, etc. wants a thorough explanation which only a professional can handle well.
  • Valuable advice: Patent drafting service not only include drafting a patent application but also incorporate valuable and relevant advice that helps you get your invention patented rightly. Patent drafting is a prolonged and tiresome job and filled with a complex process that becomes difficult to understand by a normal person.
  • Competitive edge: Patent drafting service give the inventor a competitive edge. A broadly or narrowed established claim can allow the competitors to circumvent the patent. A professional drafter keeps this important point while drafting a patent application and prevents your competitor’s circumvention.

Top 5 things to contemplate while picking a patent drafting services provider

  1.  Qualified Patent attorney: Before engaging an attorney for patent drafting service, make sure the attorney holds the required qualifications and is listed to practice before USPTO. He/She also possesses technical and scientific knowledge and must have passed the examination conducted by USPTO to practice in the patent.
  1. Consider the cost arrangements: Patent drafting service are expensive and one should only engage with a firm or service provider after knowing the total cost involved in drafting a service. There are times when the service provider discusses the cost after analyzing the technicalities of the invention.
  1. Look for options: There are many attorneys who will help you get your inventions patented. But people hesitate to reach a number of attorneys fearing the bill. A firm cannot send you a billing email unless you have signed an engagement letter with them stating about bills. Consequently, you should go out and look for as many choices as you can so that you can select the best out of all for your invention.
  1. Choose an attorney who can understand your invention: A patent drafter should have both legal and technical knowledge. It is imperative that the attorney understand your invention or idea properly and draft it well in the application. Missing to do so can result in refusal. Hence, obtain the one who has satisfactory expertise in the area of your invention along with legal understanding.
  1. Relationship of the firm with the USPTO: Many times, the speed and examination of the patent application can be improved if the firm is having a direct connection with the USPTO examiner interviewer. In case, the application gets rejected, interviewing with the examiner for the same can pave a way to improve the application and hence helps in rectifying it for the approval in future.