Things you need to know about patent drawing examples

Posted by ADMIN December 8, 2021

Patent Drawing Experts

Illustrations demonstrating the invention, some of its applications (which are specific implementations or techniques of carrying out the invention), or the prior art may be included in a patent application or patent. The patent drawing may be required by law to be in a specific format, and the regulations may vary by province.

Examples of utility and layout patents are included in the drawings. The designs may be required by legislation to be in a specific format, with the criteria varying by province. The patent sketch serves as a visual aid to the invention. Tables, chemical or numerical methods, graphs, waves of electrical impulses, and symbols can all be used based on the patent innovation.

The following are the types of patent drawings:

  • Utility
  • Electronic
  • Mechanical
  • Flowcharts and diagrams
  • Drawing-exploded
  • Drawing-graph

A design patent example is a documentation that you can look over before submitting the application form for a design patent. They use words and graphics to show how a design for a produced object is unique and non-obvious. These examples can assist you in completing your application.

A design patent covers the ornamental features of an item’s look. It does not, however, include the product’s functionality or usability. This form of patent offers 14 years of support vs. two decades for the more typical utility patent.

Why are patent drawing examples important?

Examining a design patent sample might assist you in determining what you need to do before filing your own patent application. You can also check out designs that have been granted design patents. This will give you a better picture of what a design patent entails.

Before filing applications, every inventor should evaluate design patent examples. It’s critical to finish your design before looking at other design patents. If you merely have a concept, what you learn in other patents may have an unintentional influence on you. Allowing design patent samples to influence what you want to achieve with your design is not a good idea.

To examine design patent example, run a quick search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Full-Text Database. In the Term 1 box, type a single letter. Then, in Field 1, choose Patent Number. This quick search will provide design patents that have been approved by the USPTO. It lists the patents in chronological order of when they were issued.

Is there any deadline to submit the Patent Drawing illustration?

There is no set timeline for assessing design patent examples. However, there is a deadline for submitting a provisional design patent. You will have a 12-month window to submit an application if you make your design accessible. You will lose the opportunity to file for a design patent if you do not file that application before the deadline.

Demonstrating the item at a trade show or even another industry event, as well as releasing information about it in print, are all examples of the public release of a design.

Mistakes made while filing patent drawing

While applying for a patent filing, new inventors may make the following mistakes: 

There aren’t enough design patent examples to look at. You won’t get the information you need if you only look at one or two. If there are a few that have some similarities to your concept, it won’t take long to go over them. Even if there are thousands more, you must set aside time to look over them all. Examining these examples can help you determine whether your concept is unique enough to warrant a patent application.

Steps of filing a patent drawing

All the patent office websites, including the United States Patent and Trademark Office, provide provisional patent samples and instructions.

It’s always a good idea to check your design idea against at minimum one design patent example to see if it’s previously been done. By studying the material included in other innovators’ design patent applications, you can indeed learn from them.

The current design patent filing fee is $390, which does not include any accompanying legal fees. Illustrations that clearly depict the unique design for which you are requesting patent protection must be included in your application. It is not permitted to utilize reference numbers. A design patent, unlike a utility patent, covers only one assertion (the design of the product).