Patent Writing Services

Posted by ADMIN May 11, 2021



  • Price: $1,199.00
    Patent Application Writing up to 30 pages. It includes 20 claims with 3 independent claims and 5 sheets of Formal Patent Drawing.


Drafting a patent application is one of the essential and most troublesome tasks as it demands years of experience and expertise. One who has achieved a huge amount of experience can easily examine the patent application from every perspective and recognize a well-written application, eligible for qualifying. Drafting a patent may seem an effortless task but the basics of the patent application appear advanced to beginners.

Patent drafting is the process of writing patent descriptions and claims. It is the most indispensable part as the whole process of patenting an idea depends upon the patent application. It may seem that describing your idea or invention is straightforward on paper but it isn’t. If the patent draft is inappropriate, for instance, if the concept isn’t explained properly or not reflecting invention accurately, the assignee may miss the rights in the future. Moreover, an inadequately drafted patent draft can enable loopholes for breaches. Hence, drafting a precise and detailed application should be on top priority.

Many times a well-written patent application can become incompatible in the future even after adhering to the specifications imposed by patent law bodies. The reason is simple. When a patent document does not comply with the emerging obligations, the document may seem inefficient as the technological or any other future advancement is hard to align with the application. One does not have to worry about such scenarios if they avail services of specialists. Our expert patent writing services compose an application that not only fits with the current applicability of the invention

but applicability in the future as well. Our Patent Writing Specialists draft anticipating the prosecution and work accordingly.

Patent drafting should be done by professionals as it necessitates a meticulous knowledge of patent rules and technical understanding. Our company holds a team of an adept and experienced team that recognizes the PTO norms and sets up and employs the same to draft patent applications.

A provisional patent application is a magnificent provision to acquire an official priority date swiftly as, under such kind of application, the candidate doesn’t have to follow the complex structure requirements of a non-provisional patent application. Our team of experts concerned in provisional patent application development assures that priority rights are not missed by comprehending a route a candidate will take from provisional to complete specification application.