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We provide affordable patent drawings service. In general terms, a “utility patent protects the way an article is used and works (35 U.S.C. 101). A utility patent drawings service protects the structural and functional aspects of an article. 

  • Flat Fee irrespective of a number of drawings in one sheet.
  • Flat Fee irrespective of complexity with our patent drawings service
  • Drawings are compliant to USPTO, EPO, IPO, JPO & other patent offices of the world. We take complete care of shading, consistency, and margins, etc.
  • No separate charge for “Replacement Sheet”.
  • Cross-sections, lead-lines, margins, numbering.
  • We consider special rules for flow charts, screenshots, graphs.
  • Share drawings and sketches in any format including sketches, photos, videos & 3D files, etc.
  • No charge for iterations.
  • Get a Peace of Mind: “We are Patent Drawing Experts”!
  • All other possible input formats such as (sketches, video, prototypes, photographs, etc)
  • Outputs in all possible formats (ms-Visio, pdf, etc)
  • Explore related services like – Patentability search, Design patent search, Invalidity search


  • Expedited – USD 10/Sheet additional charge and delivery within two days.
  • Regular – 3+ days.

Payment Terms:

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  • Wave, PayPal and Card Payments: 4.4% Transaction Charges
  • Wire Payments: $15 per invoice payment
  • Check Payments and ACH into Bank of America: No Extra Charges


A) Are drawings required for provisional patents?

Yes, but there are exceptions. To understand the invention drawings are necessary. In case no drawings present in the provisional application. Then the applicant receives the notification. He/She gets time to submit at least one drawing to complete the filing.

B) How long does a utility patent last?

A U.S. utility patent is generally granted for 20 years from the date the patent application is filed. However, periodic fees are chargeable to maintain the enforceability of the patent. A design patent is generally granted protection for 14 years. It is measured from the date the design patent is granted.

C) What does a utility patent protect?

utility patent is a patent that covers the creation of a new or improved and useful product, process, or machine. A utility patent, also known as a “patent for invention,”. It prohibits other individuals or companies from making, using, or selling the invention without authorization.

D) How much does it cost to get a utility patent?

Because filing a non-provisional patent application is more expensive and costs about $900. This total cost also includes searches and reviews as well as examination fees which costs around $220. Once you add legal fees and non-provisional patents it usually costs between $8,000 and $15,000 or more.

E) What are utility drawings?

A utility patent is a type of patent designed to protect the structural or functional aspects of an invention. A utility drawing helps define a complex invention and, as such, plays a key role in the patent application process.

F) What does utility patent mean?

A utility patent is a patent that covers the creation of a new or improved—and useful—product, process, or machine. A utility patent, also known as a “patent for invention,” prohibits other individuals or companies from making, using, or selling the invention without authorization.

G) What is an example of a utility patent?

Utility patents include new or improved ideas, processes, machines, and manufacturers. Design patents protect a device’s ornamental design. For example, design patents can include a specific IKEA chair, a Manolo Blahnik shoe, or a Keith Haring wallpaper

H) How do I get a utility patent?

Steps to Filing a Patent Application

  • Keep a Written Record of Your Invention. Record every step of the invention process in a notebook. 
  • Make Sure Your Invention Qualifies for Patent Protection. 
  • Assess the Commercial Potential of Your Invention.
  • Conduct a Thorough Patent Search. 
  • Prepare and File an Application With the USPTO.

I) How hard is it to get a patent?

Since patents are legal articles, they can be somewhat difficult to obtain. … Once you’ve completed your application and paid all the associated fees, which can run between $200 and $850 in the U.S., you’ll send it to the patent office, which in the United States is known as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

J) Are utility patents worth it?

Utility patents are worth it if you have an invention or product that you know you can either sell successfully or profit from by licensing the invention to third parties who will pay you an agreed-upon fee in exchange for being able to use your patented invention.

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