How to Fix Patent Drawing Errors Under Rules 11a and 11h

Posted by Editorial Team November 14, 2022

how to fix patent drawing errors under rules 11a and 11h

Avoid making these two frequent patent drawing errors when filing your application. Find out the best techniques to fix them as well. Companies can fix patent design flaws when they must adhere to the patent office’s regulations for many factors, such as sheet size, margin, hatching, etc. Under Rules 11a and 11h, the patent office can remedy mistakes in patent drawings by creating an office action. To avoid any penalties, an inventor must submit the office action within a particular time. May delay the filing of a patent due to this fine. This article examines the reasons behind any office action and offers remedies to get around it, enabling you to submit a patent application all at once.

Let’s start by determining the reasons for an office action by rules 11a and 11h.

Why an Office Action Occurs

  1. Sheet dimensions: The size of the sheets is typically governed by specific criteria at patent offices. We might take office action if the sheet size deviates from the approaches.
  2. Margin: Problems arise when the margin of the sheet size overlaps the boundaries of the designs.
  3. Hatching occurs when all cross-sections have identical hatching or when the hatching in the drawings and the Index differs.
  4. Coloured illustrations: Patent drawings must have colour when they are logging.

As a result, you can use the remedies listed below to fix patent drawing error mistakes as you prepare drawings.


  1. Sheets’ dimensions: A4 (8.26 x 11.69 inches) or Letter Size (8.5 x 11 inches) should be the minimum allowable sheet size.
  2. Margin Problems: There should be noticeable margin discrepancies between boundaries and drawings.
  3. Hatching: You must employ multiple hatching styles for various parts and cross-sections.
  4. Coloured Illustrations: Drawings must be full black.

Can patent drawing Expert Recommendations Be Used to Correct Patent Drawing Errors?

  1. Sheets’ Size: Always use either A4 or letter-sized sheets. Every jurisdiction accepts this.
  2. Margin Problems: The margins must be an idea about following the following guidelines: Top 2 cm, Left 2.5 cm, Right 2 cm, and Bottom 2 cm.
  3. Hatching: Graphs should have an index above them that shows what each line and hatch type means.
  4. Coloured illustrations: You must create the designs with pure white backgrounds and all-black lines.

Putting Regulations in Place to Fix Patent Drawing Error

  1. Sheets’ dimensions: A patent drawing expert should create a standard A4 and letter size layout.
  2. Margin Problems: In default layouts, they must include a pre-assigned margin.
  3. Hatching: To avoid confusion while assigning hatching to various components, they must first construct the Index.
  4. Coloured Illustrations: The Drawings must permanently be blocked out in a solid black. Grayscale drawings are also acceptable there because some jurisdictions tolerate photos. Additionally, it is particularly applicable to heat diagrams.

Therefore, the fixes above and suggestions should be used as a guide to fix patent drawing errors before the patent application procedure. Thus, this contributes to preventing any official action. You can therefore negotiate the patent office’s design and utility patent drawing criteria with the aid of a specialist. The patent drawing expert’s staff that supports patent drawings is available to help you prepare a complete patent application. For additional information about this service, go here.