Patent Illustration or Drawing Services in India

Posted by ADMIN June 14, 2021

Patent Illustration

Patent Illustration Services

A drawing/diagram is a vital factor in a patent application for a better comprehension of it by a common man. Patent law mandates the prerequisite for patent drawings in a patent application for precise illustrations, which makes it beneficial to convince the illustrator and expedite the entire process. It becomes unavoidable to have an illustration in a patent application, and these are normally referred to as a patent illustration, patent drawing, patent figures, and patent images, and more.

A good patent illustration can make it simple for the patent drafting, and thus speeding up the entire process, alongside the prosecution of the application. Patent illustration is equally important if not more than that of the drafting of the patent application, and for which it requires the same measure of expertise, skill, and diligence that a draft demands of a patent application.

Patent Illustrations are needed to be in the form of line drawings in black and white as against in the form of color etc. The Indian patent and design offices have rules to the impact of paper size, margins, the durability of the patent, etc. Likewise, the other jurisdictions have rules to the impact of what types of line drawings are allowed. Shading to what degree is allowed and not.

Indian patent Act and rules have particular rules about the patent Illustrations. The Indian Act and rules also allow for the patent drawing to be referenced as a part of the Abstract in the event the same is considered as important in the understanding of the technical invention, the advancement, and utility which is to be mentioned as a part of the Abstract. 

If it is not in the drawings? it is not in the patent

Yes, it is true beside the case of chemical compounds or composition. It has been seen that all the other fields of innovation have the ability to squeeze in a figure or two, which implies likely the patent examiner will wind up asking the candidate or the attorney to cough up number of diagrams to empower the crystal clear projection of the innovation.

Patent Filing Rules In India

For patent filing in India, where the invention needs explanation through patent drawings, such drawings shall be prepared under the provisions of rule 15 and shall be supplied with, and referred to in detail, provided that in the case of a full specification, if the candidate desires to adopt the patent drawings filed with his provisional specification as the patent drawings or part of the drawings for the whole specification, it shall be sufficient to refer to them in the complete specification as those left with the provisional specification.

Rule 15 of the Indian Patent Act and Rules 1970, as amended in 2005 provides the following prerequisites for a patent drawing submitting along with a specification to illustrate an innovation:

  1. Patent drawings, when furnished by the candidates otherwise than on requisition made by the Controller, will accompany the specifications to which they associate.
  2. No patent drawings, which would need a special illustration or representation of the specification, will appear in the specification itself.
  3. At least one duplicate copy of the patent drawing shall be prepared or arranged conveniently and clearly on a durable paper sheet.
  4. Patent drawings will be on standard A4 size sheets with a clear margin of at least 4 cm on the top and left hand also 3 cm at the bottom and right hand of each sheet.
  5. Drawings will be on a scale sufficiently large to show the innovations precisely and dimensions will not be marked on the patent drawings.
  6. Patent drawing will be sequentially or deliberately numbered and will bear:
  • in the left top corner the name of the candidate
  • in the right top corner, the number of the sheets of patent drawings, and the consecutive number of each patent drawing sheet
  • in the right bottom corner, the mark or impression of the patent candidate.

7. No descriptive matter will appear on the patent drawings except in the flow diagrams.