Why Patent applications must include Patent Drawings.

Posted by Editorial Team September 5, 2022

Why Patent applications must include Patent Drawings.

In the same way that textual representation is less effective than visual representation, patent applications also benefit from visual representation. It is far more beneficial to submit patent drawings or illustrations along with the written description to the patent examiner than simply the written description. They walk the patent examiner through the invention and describe it in detail, which increases the likelihood that the patent will be approved.

Patent illustrations may convey an innovation better than any text and are worth a thousand words. They focus on the specifics of the idea and how it operates, making it simple to understand how the technology works.

However, patent offices like the USPTO and EPO have yet to make it a requirement. Therefore, applicants are free to file a patent application without one. A patent drawing is one of the most crucial components of a patent application. It is recommended that every patent application include a picture to maximise the likelihood that the patent will be granted.

What Patent Drawings Are Used For

This article highlights a patent design’s various objectives for an applicant.

Facilitates comprehension of the invention clearly: Even though a patent drawing has various uses, its primary function is to aid the invention’s understanding. The patent drawings make the invention more legible, digestible, and understandable by including a variety of viewpoints, embodiments, stages, flow charts, chemical equations, and pictures.

Aids in capturing the potential licensee’s attention: Reference numbers are present in patent drawings and are utilised by patent attorneys to provide thorough descriptions. These reference numbers are designed to catch the prospective licensee’s attention and make it simple for him to picture the finished product when it is released and sold to the end user.

Helps with the prosecution: Drawing can be handy when you are involved in litigation and need to make things clear in court when something cannot be expressed clearly through language.

Shorten the reasonable time for patent awarding: Examiners can better grasp an invention using a drawing rather than USC 112 office actions or contacting the applicants for clarification. With this, a patent may be awarded more quickly than with applications that do not include drawings.


In summary, while including a drawing in a utility or design patent application is not required, doing so is nevertheless recommended because of its numerous long-term advantages. As the primary goal of the patent application is to persuade the examiner to award the patent, patent drawings play a significant part in the patent application with the virtual depiction of the invention to the examiner. Therefore, patent drawings are crucial for obtaining patent approval and maximising the idea’s potential.

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